Process Overview
process-overviewOur process is client- and result-centric, regardless of engagement type (dedicated team vs. project-based), as to ensure seamless integration into Client’s infrastructure and operating model.
The key objective being to achieve the best results within time and budget, we understand the importance of full control and absolute transparency around project structure, resourcing, technologies being used, development model and deliverables status for our Clients.
The key features of Prolev Technologies process are:
Embedded process: we integrate our processes into Clients native processes and infrastructure as to minimize the amount of change on the Client’s side and ensure smooth transition
Flexible delivery model: we adjust our delivery model to fit into Client’s native SDLC model, while keeping the quality and time-to-market intact
Tools and Technologies Selection: we are happy to share our expertise regarding best tools to address Client’s unique needs, but let our clients take the final call.
Trimmed SDLC / Project Lifecycle: we achieve the reduction of development->testing->delivery cycle by leveraging efficiencies, parallel processes and overlaps between different SDLC phases
Improved Product Quality: the quality is achieved by introducing additional quality checkups and constantly optimizing of QA / Testing framework.
Bespoke Delivery Process: we conduct a thorough analysis of each project to determine the adequacy of both the delivery processes and technologies being selected..