When it comes to managing software development projects, there is ‘no one size fits all’. Every client is unique and requires a delivery process tailored to accommodate for his specific needs.

We assist our Clients to understand the pros and cons of all available options out there, but it is ultimately their call to decide which approach to go ahead with and our job is to accommodate for it in the best way we can. We will determine the most adequate SDLC to fit project goals and advise on the best ways to set up and maintain the processes.

We strongly recommend following the iterative lifecycle for any projects longer than (2-3) moths. Agile has been the most effective methodology for rapid delivery of projects of varying scale and complexity.

Within SDLC, we normally get involved at the Tech Design step and proceed to Development/Implementation and QA/UAT, upon which the ownership is given back to the Client.

In addition to day-to-day project communication between in-house and off-shore teams conducted on as needed basis. We typically follow a formal regular (weekly or bi-weekly) project status reporting to make sure every deliverables is on track and issues get escalated.