Hybrid Engagement

hybridHybrid model is a combination of project-based outsourcing initiative and staff augmentation engagement tailored to a particular expertise or undertaking on the Client side. The benefit of the approach is the ability to mix and match the best from two worlds, thus expanding the in-house expertise by bringing new resources on board while actually delivering the project.
The synergies stem for the smoothened transition period, improved control and more efficient financials behind the project: the augmented team uses the project to get a better understanding of Client’s processes, infrastructure, policies and culture and saves costs for the Client.
The Clients interested in the hybrid model are normally the ones shopping around for long term outsourcing or staff augmentation partners, but preferring the “try-and-by” approach over other alternatives.
We will work with the Client to understand the driving factors behind decision to go for an outsourcing model (skills/ competences, technologies, processes) and define how these can be accommodated for in the best possible way.
Once the basic understanding is there, we focus on staffing both the extended team and the project team and define the requirements for the project part of the engagement. ‘Pilot’ project is the best time to try out and make adjustments to new processes and infrastructure between in-house and off-shore teams as well as test-drive the new model for adequacy
The main reasons why our clients choose HYBRID model are:
TRY-AND-BUY: opportunity to see how the new processes unfold and fit into Client’s structure before green lighting a more substantial transition

ONE STOP SHOP: no need for multi-channel communication to manage different vendors and deliverables. A dedicated Account Executive (paid for out of Prolev Technologies pocket) is assigned to each and every engagement and serves as a key point of contact for all project and service related matters and escalations.
EFFECTIVE FINANCIALS: the hybrid engagement model allows cutting project costs by engaging the extended team to work on the project alongside in-house team and dedicated resources staffed specifically for project needs