Remote Team Model

staff-augmentationRemote Team model provides an easy and convenient way for our Clients to acquire technical expertise, expand the range and improve the quality of the internal processes without having to go through any dramatic changes in operating model. As the name suggests, the remote team is seamlessly embedded into existing business infrastructure and processes already in place on the Client side.


The reasons why our Clients contemplate staff augmentation to add off-shore resources to in-house IT teams might vary, ranging from cutting IT costs to getting the upper hand in talent hiring ( not easily available locally) to hedging various IT-related risks and exposures.

The model is ideal for Clients seeking to reduce long-term operating expenses associated with non-core and repetitive processes, which can be easily outsourced, such as Software Testing / Quality Assurance and Tech Support while retaining full control.


Remote Team model bears a number of benefits, not available in BAU or outsourcing models:

  • Skill acquisition cost reduction: access to a larger talent pool and
  • Hiring process control: ability to actively participate in interviewing and hiring process for any new employees to join the augmented team as to hedge and reduce skill and culture related risks
  • Natural extension processes: minimizing overhead and impact on existing operating model to accommodate for new resources added to existing teams.
  • No impact on in-house team morale: avoiding negative morale and stress among in-house staff typically associated with outsourcing
  • Enhanced visibility: full control over offshore processes, infrastructure, access rights and operating procedures allowing for an enhanced transparency across the board
  • Clearly defined SLA: controlled operating environment with pre-defined metrics and transparent escalation and SLA