Top Ten Reasons

reasonsThere are many factors to be taken into account for selection of outsourcing providers. Here’s what our Clients say to be the key aspects they appreciate about working with us as compared to other outsourcing providers:

Highest Level of Technical Expertise: we deliberately avoided listing all technologies we specialize in as the list would be exhausting, but we guarantee that we will be able to provide the expertise in exactly the kind of technology you need.

Flexible Delivery Process: we always try to accommodate for Client’s existing native process to make the transition seamless, as opposed to imposing our process upon existing infrastructure

We work very fast; well, yes – we do work and deliver very fast, and – to the best quality standards

Cultural Proximity: despite noticeable accents and almost non-existent amount of sugarcoating when it comes to business matters, our developers come from virtually the same cultural background as their counterparts on US side, making the day-to-day work so much easier.

High Standards of Education: all our specialists have MS or BS in Computer Science or Engineering fields (some have Ph.D.) in addition to at least 5 years of industry experience. We never hire students or straight-out-of-college candidates.

Straightforward communication structure: we don’t play games, don’t sugarcoat the negatives and always give our Clients 100% disclosure about pros and cons of a particular approach, deliverable status etc.

Highest level of discipline: we always deliver within time and budget, that simple.

Convenient working hours: we have ability to provide resources with flexible working hours to deliver a greater overlap with our US counterparts during their normal working hours.

Security – we always follow strict security guidelines requested by our partners, including background checks of all candidates, secure VPN connections, badge-only building access, etc.

Travel – cool places to visit, if you choose to